Paper-cutting-A New Platform for Increasing Income and Getting Rich

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Update time : 2020-07-02 17:33:15

Paper-cutting--A New Platform for Increasing Income and Getting Rich

A few days ago, the Hohhot Tuzuoqi Hongxiu Paper-cut Art Cooperative was formally established in Pikeqi Town. With the influence of non-heritage projects, cooperatives take advantage of local paper-cutting resources in a "party branch + cooperative + poor household" model, so that excellent folk culture can "live", pass on, and make regional cultural and handmade industries bigger and stronger.
"The cooperative was set up on May 11, and we have received orders in less than a month." Speaking of the Hongxiu Paper-cutting Art Cooperative, 49-year-old Li Huanxiu was full of smiles. "It's been so popular that people have already bought several of them," Li said as she led the reporter to a set of paper-cuts of the Chinese zodiac. In the near future, we will see our paper-cut works in the Hohhot subway."
Li Huanxiu is the inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage paper-cutting project in Tumutuoqi. Out of love, she has been insisting on paper-cutting for more than 20 years. Now, under her leadership, more and more women in Haizhou Village of Bingzhou have begun to learn paper cutting, fall in love with paper cutting, and gradually take paper cutting as a career to increase income and get rich.
"Let the poor households use their leisure time, sit at home, move the scissors to make money, and finally achieve poverty alleviation and increase income. It is one of the purposes of the establishment of the cooperative. The cooperative relies on the paper-cutting skills of Li Huanxiu, the inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage paper-cut project. Excavate and make full use of the resource advantages of Pictorial paper-cutting, with the goal of empowering poor women and inheriting and protecting non-heritage handicrafts. Through the industrial development model of'party branch + cooperative + poor households', on the basis of inheriting non-heritage culture, a drive to promote Women in towns participate in the vital industries for poverty alleviation and make new contributions to accelerate the poverty alleviation process and make regional cultural industries larger and stronger." Liu Hongwei, secretary of the Party branch of Haizhou Village in Bingzhou and chairman of Hongxiu Paper-cut Art Cooperative, said.
Next, Tuzuoqi Hongxiu Paper-cut Art Cooperative will give full play to the leading role of the party branch, increase industry capital investment and support, improve the industry chain of paper-cut art development, and purchase non-legacy paper-cut handmade Mechanization develops synchronously. Poor households can not only learn paper-cutting skills, but also achieve employment in other links of the industrial chain, increase income through multiple channels and get rich, and truly realize that the branch is built on the industrial chain and the poor households are embedded in the industrial chain, so that non-legacy skills are truly "live". As a result, poverty-stricken households can increase their income and become rich, and get rid of poverty stably.